Indigenous Tree and Plant Propagation

Hoop Pine, Silky Oak and Acacia seed was collected from Arborlee and successfully germinated. The baby trees are growing happily in pots waiting for a future home.

Killarney Bushcare

In collaboration with Killarney Bushcare once a month we help plant and maintain trees at several sites in the Cambanoora Gorge region. The Bushcare group meets on the first Saturday of the month.


The story of our base camp began with signing a contract with Bindarrabi Community for permission to place the camp on their communal ground for a period of 3 years.

Hobbit House Cool Store

Plans are underway to create an igloo shaped structure like a Hobbit House to use as a long term food storage area.

TreeSisters Grove

In honour of the TreeSisters project, which the founder has supported now for several years, Peace Valley will be planting and maintaining an Australian native edible tree grove.

Composting Toilet

A dry composting toilet was built from recycled materials including a blue barrel and wood from broken up pallets. Linseed oil and turps were used to protect the wooden seat.