A big thanks to everybody that has helped!

Sarada Homes

John of Sarada Homes organised, ordered, collected and fitted the glass door for the Peace Valley container. He did the complete job at no charge, purely as a donation for our project. Thank you very much. I'd highly recommend his work which is efficient and of a high standard.

Bindarrabi Community

Healthy, Happy, Conscious Living with Respect & Care for the Earth & each other

Bindarrabi Community aims to enable affordable housing with meaningful and fulfilling livelihood with mutual respect and consideration for each other and the land.

Our vision is for a dynamic, creative community using renewable resources and natural energy systems, providing much of our own food and bringing beauty and excellence to all fields of endeavour.

Boonah Automatics & Mechanical repairs

Ken, Tania and the team at Boonah Automatics, after much frustration and head scratching, found and repaired the Jimney! It had had the 'Jimney Shimmy' which is a dramatic steering wobble. But now no more shake. They have been wonderful and did a lot of the work as a donation towards the Peace Valley Project!

Boonah auto advert

Thanks also goes out to