This project is an experiment in the use of a 'Gifting Economy'.

No charge is made to visit and there is no outside income. There are regular costs including internet, car, food etc which cannot be covered by direct exchange, at the moment! Therefore donations from those staying and well wishers are very welcome as a form of 'giving forward'. This will allow the project to grow and it's benefits be available for people into the future. 

Suggested Donations

Please feel free to give what your heart feels is right for you, your personal circumstances and for what you gain from visiting. As a guideline a donation of $10 a day is a minimal contribution towards the costs of your food and accommodation, $40 a day covers all costs with a little spare to go towards growing and enhancing the project. $70 a day sponsors another visitor to come at a later time. We wish that anyone can visit and donations above this support us, so we can grow this project and extend it's outreach.


Regular sponsorship is welcomed, this is a way those wishing to support the project from afar can do so. Sponsorship allows regular background running costs to be covered without the need to waste energy on it's procurement and so keep the focus where it's needed, on the people visiting and the land. 

" ......  asking for help with gratitude says: We have the power to help each other." - Amanda Palmer


Donation Methods

Direct Bank Payment


Bankcode/BSB Number: 633-000

Account Number: 159717073

BIC/Swift code: BENDAU3B

Bank Name and Address: Bendigo Bank, High Street, Boonah 4310, Queensland, Australia.


Chuffed campaign for Peace Valley, 'Grow the Peace'.

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