Otto Scharmer

Otto Scharmer, senior lecturer at MIT has advanced the theory of 'Theory U' which advocates 'leading from the emerging future' and deep listening. It allows us to move from an 'ego to an eco' awareness which he describes as incorporating head, heart and hands in all our actions. Theory U provides tools of change management suitable for all levels society from corporate to grass roots.

Theory U

Using deep listening and presence Theory U is a framework for accessing a richer understanding of a situation and allows us to bring this awareness to our actions. The process includes: 

Co-initiating - Build common intent; Co-sensing - Observe, observe, observe; Presencing - Connect to the source of inspiration and will; Co-creating - Prototype the new Co-evolving - Embody the new in ecosystems

Further detail can be obtained on the Presencing Institute website.

Social Presencing Theatre

Social Presencing Theatre (SPT) is a somatic exercise which assists us in bringing embodied awareness into our intellectual consciousness. It's a powerful tool for seeing where we are currently in a given situation and where we are going. It can assist us in identifying behaviours which might be blocking us or places we can look to for next steps. SPT has a relationship to Gestalt and Family constellation work in that it uses body movement and position to bring about deeper psychological awareness.