Throughout your stay you will live in real contact with nature, feeling the wind, the sun and the mist, hearing the birds, the wind moving through the trees, the frogs and the distant sounds of children playing. At dawn and dusk wallabies hop directly past and through the camp. Black cockatoos both glossy blacks and yellow tailed live in the immediate vicinity and flocks of lorikeets come in to roost at night.

To enhance the nature connection experience at Peace Valley we offer accommodation in tents. You may either stay in one of our tents or bring your own. Our living area is a large open plan covered area with a view to the forest and the mountain.

We cook on a slow burning wood stove and use gas as a backup. Food is kept in cool storage boxes with cold packs. Soon we will have an outside cool store room in the shape of an igloo utilising earth bag techniques of building and covering it in a layer of living earth! We aim to provide food storage fully free of extra energy input.

The camp is powered by solar from two solar panels, 5 batteries and an inverter to convert to 240v. We have satellite internet with wifi, however make a deliberate choice to access this just twice a day.

Currently we have a dry composting toilet with a magnificent forest view which I'm reliably informed is the best bush toilet some of my guests have ever used! We use a camp shower bag or basins for washing.

By choice there is no running water at Peace Valley. Through carrying our own water we develop a different relationship with it realising it's value. Water is collected from the roof for watering the garden and other general purposes, drinking water comes from a local spring. There is a ceramic filter for the drinking water.