Caring for life in Australia is an act of resistance against the madness of destruction. Joy, you are doing amazing work together with the local Aborigines. I highly commend your work which is ticking all the boxes of spirituality, care for nature, care for self, the protection of sacred places and rivers and a love for all creatures. Thank you for all that you are doing!

Rob de Laet, Brazil

May you realise your dreams and continue to shapeshift your realities for Spirit and Earth. Much gratitude for your e-collaboration and evolutionary leadership

Catherine, Australia

A joy and delight to be here on the edge of tomorrow…..The song of this space sings and I dance outward with deep gratitude

Caresse, NSW

I think there is much more than words can describe because we live and feel the truth.

Hana, Czech Republic

 I dove into an exciting adventure in abundance and natural living like I had never experienced before.

Andrew, Gold Coast

Thank-you for the amazing time that we were able to share at ‘Peace Valley’. Your warm and welcoming energy bundled with the energy of this land brought truly peace, presence and inspiration for me..

Lisa, Germany