Our first group of volunteers
Our first group of visitors

This project is based on the principles of gift economy. Giving forward is a way of enjoying something then giving funding to support the running of the project, so others can also enjoy the experience. It is non profit, where any surplus funds are directed into the project, land and trees. Credit will not be used.

Operating from a basis of Gift means no one is excluded from enjoying the Peace Valley Bush experience because of financial reasons. We all need to reconnect with each other and nature, not just the rich and famous.

Giving vs Buying - There is a very different feel to these ways of sharing between people. When you give it creates a feeling of pleasure in both giver and receiver, it has no strings attached, it encourages a feeling of abundance. However buying has strings attached, there are obligations on the part of the seller and a right to claim these on the part of the buyer. This leads to trying to ‘get the best’ out of the exchange. It leads to competition and a selfish attitude on both sides.

Charles Eisenstein discusses the theme of money and gift economy more deeply in his book ‘Sacred Economics’ which is freely available online at http://sacred-economics.com/read-online/

"The same principles that apply to right investing apply also to right livelihood; indeed, right livelihood and right investment are two sides of the same coin. If right investing uses money as gift to support the creation of a more beautiful world, then right livelihood accepts that gift as it does that work." - Eisenstein, Sacred Economics: Ch.20 'Right Livelihood and Sacred Investing'

Also check out Amanda's Palmer's TED talk on 'The art of asking' https://www.ted.com/talks/amanda_palmer_the_art_of_asking?

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