Come join us and experience the magic of Peace Valley! It's a place out of time, full of outstanding beauty and wonder. Enjoy this unique opportunity to take in the healing properties of the forest and the land with the added pleasure of giving back in gratitude through hands on work, or rather play, on the land. This is a place to live simply and simply live! To add to the quality of the experience we enjoy Peace Valley as a smoke and alcohol free zone and eat purely vegetarian and vegan, thus living the permaculture principles of care for self, each other and nature!

Peace Valley operates on a Gift Economy basis. Please feel free to give what your heart feels is right for you, your personal circumstances and for what you gain from visiting. As a guideline a donation of $10 a day is a minimal contribution towards the costs of your food and accommodation, $40 a day covers all costs with a little spare to go towards growing and enhancing the project. $70 a day sponsors another visitor to come at a later time. We wish that anyone can visit and donations above this support us, so we can grow this project and extend it's outreach.

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