In collaboration with Killarney Bushcare once a month we help plant and maintain trees at several sites in the Cambanoora Gorge region. The Bushcare group meets on the first Saturday of the month. Some months there are extra events of interest to attend.

Rare bat at Adjinbilly
Harry holding a rare bat at Adjinbilly

November 2017 Harry Hines, a well known local ecologist, gave a talk and demonstration of local wildlife at Adjinbilly Rainforest Retreat. 

December 2017 We met at Peter and Virginia's for a general discussion around Bushcare over the past year and going into next year.

January 2018 The Condamine Alliance hosted a joint event with Bushcare, the Cambanoora Gorge Management Group and local farmers to look at local needs and observations around the local flora and fauna. It was held at Bellbird, just outside Killarney. It was noted that there had been a downward trend in numbers of pollinating insects observed over time.