Bushcare at Bellbird

This month we replanted a small area of rainforest after some Lantana had been removed. It was a purposefully intensive planting to mimic what would be likely to happen naturally. As always Bushcare events are very sociable, include a little enjoyable work and finish with the knowledge that we've done something worthwhile! It's fun to spend time with fellow tree huggers!

Turnstyle Community Hub

This week I visited and joined the Bulk Buyers at Turnstyle Community Hub in Brisbane. How cool to meet so many motivated people doing their bit for the environment. They engage local organic farmers and suppliers and meet every Wednesday to share out the food. It's totally volunteer run and non profit.

Bunya Festival at Maryvale

Thanks to the Parson's at Maryvale for putting on another Bunya Festival. I was able to attend for the entire event. Over the weekend I learnt about some bush tucker, gained a preliminary knowledge of use of fire for land management, met some wonderful people and had the pleasure and honour of being able to attend a forum discussion held by indigenous elders. To experience their deep respect for each other, the earth and all life and hear their heartfelt wish towards a healthy Australia for all it's peoples was humbling.

Finally living in the Yurt!

After several attempts, I'm finally living in the Yurt. The first stage was to create a flat surface which involved tree stumps, pallets and ply, the erecting the frame and putting up the tarp cover. It transpired the floor I'd constructed was slightly too large and the canvas not quite large enough. So back to getting a couple of adjustments and extras sewn to overcome the issue and hey presto, a new home is born! There is something special in a circular living space, it's very nurturing and relaxing: maybe it's just not 'edgy'!

Planting in Cambanoora Gorge

I had a wonderful day assisting one of the landowners in the Cambanoora Gorge to plant some native trees at the edge of her property. Peace Valley supplied a mix of trees all grown from local seed including Hoop Pine, Silky Oak and Common Acacia. We had a day of laughter and work combined with sun, shade and rain intersperced through the day. Then a herd of cows came through to complicate matters, showing us the urgent need to put up strong protection for each tree we planted! 

Worm Farm

Thanks to Hans, Barbara and Peter who supplied composting worms for Peace Valley. For a start they are housed in a ceramic garden pot. As it fills another pot will be placed on top. This worked for me in Germany and the idea should function here too! The compost from worm farms is very good for the garden.

Visitors to Peace Valley

On Sunday two groups of visitors arrived, Barbara, Peter, Wes and Hans, a local farming family and Beryl from Bushcare with her friend Jenny from Brisbane. We had a lovely day exploring Bindarrabi, talking about the Peace Valley project and had a great meal together. In true community spirit we all pitched in with home made Swiss bread, salad from the garden, soup and cheese. I was so busy enjoying the day that I didn't take photos, so please enjoy this local flower instead!

A delightfully spontaneous garden working bee

Susanne arrived to visit Bindarrabi with the Brisbane Naturalists and instead of heading off walking into the bush to explore the local wildlife, she joined me at Peace Valley for two days. We tidied, mulched, repotted, set cuttings and erected the shade cloth frame over the garden. The weather was perfect, shade when we needed it, rain exactly on time and sun always peeping out to make everything sparkle. We had no agenda, enjoyed working (or should I say playing!), preparing food, and eating together.

Drainage ditch at back of camp

A wonderful synchronicity occurred when Steve was here with his Bobcat with some time on his hands. I took immediate advantage and asked him to come over to Peace Valley and dig a drainage ditch at the back of the camp. He did, in a short 30 minutes, what would have taken days manually. The camp sits in a flood area so some drainage was imperative. Every time it rained heavily the camp got soaked, not anymore as the water can swing past the camp and drain harmlessly into Bladygrass at the side of the camp

September to November 2017

September saw the delivery of a 20ft container for use as both office and storeroom and installation of a satellite internet connection at the camp. Also Joy attended the NENA (New Economy Network for Australia) conference in Brisbane and a small meditation retreat was held at Peace Valley in collaboration with Caresse Cranwell of Ecollaborations.