Deep Listening and Daily Check-in

On rising each morning we do a ‘check in’ this is a way of honouring each other and ourselves, taking note of how we really are and gives guidance on planning the day. This is an important key to staying connected to our true state of being and that of others. At times we will use tools from Theory U, Dragon Dreaming, 8 Shields and The Way of Circle as we develop the ability to listen deeply to our truest knowing and the deeper messages coming from outside ourselves, from the other human and nature family.

Contemplative and Meditative Practices

We practice a guided meditation each morning, this can be a visualisation or enhanced use of our senses, a sound bath or similar. Everyone who comes is encouraged to find a ‘sit’ spot, a place to return to regularly during their stay and just sit in silence. Each visitor is also encouraged to write a daily journal of their experiences and insights which may occur while they are here.

Digital Detox

There is satellite internet at Peace Valley but no telephone connection.

As a way of resting from information overload and related stress we choose to limit use of the internet. 

There is increasing evidence of health risks caused by use of digital media, from increasing anxiety levels and depression, to loss of communication skills, loss of physical health from inactivity, also the possibility of increasing levels of some cancers.