Further exploration of ideas, building of networks and on the ground exploration over the summer led to the decision to situate the basecamp for the pilot project at Bindarrabi Community, NSW. Initial enquiries about funding through grants suggest future funding is likely once the project is operational. Many thanks to Susan and Clive Savage who allowed me to live with them over these first 3 months until March and to the Bindarrabi Community for agreeing to support this project.

March marked the arrival at Bindarrabi and initial work on building a basecamp, further work on increasing an internet presence through Facebook and getting people on board. In June the first volunteers arrived and loved their experience. During July a refinement of the basecamp occurred with improved drainage, putting in a raised pallet floor and rearranging the water collection. First steps have been taken to set up a legal structure, begin marketing, and enable donations from supporters. A compost heap was started and the first steps to creating a productive vegetable garden made.