What we do here

Adults of all ages and cultures are welcome to take part in our project. The focus is on reconnecting to nature, so we take walks, swim in deep spring fed rock pools and spend time in quiet contemplation both at Peace Valley and in the bush. Tools for personal development and growth from Joanna Macy's 'Work that reconnects' and Otto Scharmer's 'Theory U'  are offered for those who wish.

We take part in sowing, planting, mulching, watering etc in our permaculture garden. Once a month we join Killarney Bushcare to work in the bush in the Cambanoora Gorge. On a daily basis we share work which supports all visitors, such as wood collection, cooking, cleaning, clearing up and maintenance of facilities at the camp. There can be some construction to be done which includes working with stone, painting, dismantling pallets and wood work e.g. making shelves. 

Daily Routine 


Our days are very flexible and what we do is led by the needs expressed by the land and the people.

  • Get up and dressed
  • Guided meditation
  • If wished do our own daily fitness practice e.g. Yoga
  • Share breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • During the day we spend time in the gardens at Peace Valley or Bindarrabi attending to the plants, take walks along the river, in the bush or assist Killarney Bushcare in the Cambanoora Gorge. We take time to meditate in nature, to sit in circle and do deep sharing or just to relax as desired.

The emphasis is on living, working and playing together in a way which brings deep contentment and peace, builds relationship with each other, our natural rhythms and the environment around us. 


As we base our project on the value of respect, it is expected that in all dealings with each other, with the land, the plants and animals respect will used.

An important part of this is that visitors should not smoke cigarettes, use drugs, or drink alcohol, inside or outside of Peace Valley, during their entire stay. Only come to Peace Valley if you are 100% sure that you are able and willing to completely respect this. This guideline helps us remain fully aware of our behaviour at all times, and maintains our personal health, safety and security while showing respect for others and the land.

We eat mainly vegan. Vegetarian options will be available. No meat or fish is to be eaten here.

An attitude of gratitude and commitment to the earth is shared with visitors which supports working with enthusiasm at whatever task we undertake, every task being equally important.

Peace Valley is situated within the Bindarrabi community. Respect to community members is necessary, including respecting their privacy, their property and maintaining appropriate noise levels. 

Medical insurance for overseas visitors is compulsory. Evidence of identity, either passport or drivers licence will be needed. A legal indemnity waiver will need to be signed on arrival. When you arrive you will have an induction to the project which includes health and safety, a look around the compound and introduction to the Bindarrabi Community members.

Be aware that we are based in the Australian bush, a wide range of wildlife live here including snakes and spiders. It is their home. They generally keep out of our way and with appropriate behaviour there is little likelihood of problems. A full induction will be given on arrival about all health and safety issues for both out in the bush and within the campsite.


Visitors will be expected to sign a contract on arrival stating their willingness to abide by the values and guidelines of the project. Any breach of these will result in the visitor being asked to leave.