Reconnecting to Nature


Building a herb spiralPermaculture gardening

Time is spent caring for the vegetable garden, watering, mulching, sowing, creating compost etc. We also care for a newly planted edible forest garden of Australian natives. Principles of permaculture are learnt by doing, in an experiential way with opportunities to dive deeper into the theory if wished.




Newly planted treeBush care

We have a small native tree nursery where we nurture new trees for planting in the area at a later date. Seed is gathered from the local forest at appropriate times of the year. There are some invasive weeds present in the area which we remove as needed e.g. Fireweed, Whiskey grass and Moth Vine.

Once a month we join Killarney Bushcare to tend areas of regenerating native bush in and around the Cambanora Gorge region.


TreesNature Immersion

Forest Bathing (Shrinrin-yoku), comes as the bonus of simply staying at Peace Valley as the camp is situated within a remnant forest ecosystem. Every breath we take is a breath of forest air. The local fauna including wallabies and many varieties of birds share the space with us. As the camp living areas are not enclosed the sights, sounds and smells of the forest are an integral part of our lives.



Flower arrangementContemplative and Meditative Practices

We practice a guided meditation each morning, this can be a visualisation or enhanced use of our senses, a sound bath or similar. Everyone who comes is encouraged to find a ‘sit’ spot, a place to return to regularly during their stay and just sit in silence. Each visitor is also encouraged to write a daily journal of their experiences and insights which may occur while they are here.

Contemplation and Meditation have been shown to increase health, reduce anxiety and improve quality of life. At PV we draw from a diverse range of sources from eastern and western traditions which provide practices for our use.


Mobile and LaptopDigital Detox

There is satellite internet at Peace Valley but no telephone connection.

As a way of resting from information overload and related stress we choose to limit use of the internet. 

There is increasing evidence of health risks caused by use of digital media, from increasing anxiety levels and depression, to loss of communication skills, loss of physical health from inactivity, also the possibility of increasing levels of some cancers. 



Reconnecting to Each Other


Contemplative and Meditative Practices - see above


Deep listening and daily ‘Check In’

On rising each morning we do a ‘check in’ this is a way of honouring each other and ourselves, taking note of how we really are and gives guidance on planning the day. This is an important key to staying connected to our true state of being and that of others. At times we will use tools from Theory U, Dragon Dreaming, 8 Shields and The Way of Circle as we develop the ability to listen deeply to our truest knowing and the deeper messages coming from outside ourselves, from the other human and nature family.


Shared tasks of daily living

Lighting the fire, chopping wood, preparing and cooking our meals together all enhance the connections built during your stay at Peace valley. A sense of satisfaction develops as we work together for a common goal.


Community experience


Reconnecting to Self


Contemplative and Meditative Practices - see above


Digital Detox - see above


Deep Listening and daily ‘Check In’ - see above