Over 20 of us came together from September 7th to the 10th 2018 for a relaxing, sistering, Nature-connected weekend in the lovely surrounds of Peace Valley Australian Bush Retreat. This was a beautiful opportunity for us to gather as women and TreeSisters and weave deeper connections with one another. Gathering in person and calling forth the highest expression of each other was strengthening, encouraging, empowering and fun! This gathering provided a delicious opportunity to immerse in stunning, natural surroundings in a very simple way ... to slow down, put down our responsibilities for the weekend and give ourselves the gift of spacious time out. During the weekend we: sat on the Earth, connected around the fire, sang, meditated, sistered one another, walked in the forest, planted some trees, played and shared beautiful food. The weekend was crafted to be a gentle blend of activity, relaxation, connection and spaciousness. New Moon was on September 10th, some stayed an additional night for a new moon meditation on Monday. This was an incredible heartwarming and bonding weekend filled with beauty and wonder.