September saw the delivery of a 20ft container for use as both office and storeroom and installation of a satellite internet connection at the camp. Also Joy attended the NENA (New Economy Network for Australia) conference in Brisbane and a small meditation retreat was held at Peace Valley in collaboration with Caresse Cranwell of Ecollaborations. 

A Yurt was found and collected to mark the start of more permanent housing at the camp. An opossum caused disruption both within and outside the camp. This led to the need to obtain more closed in furniture for the kitchen and begin building protection for the garden. Following on from this the garden has been enlarged, spring crops sewn and planted, and the floor in the kitchen area improved.  A new food safe water container was obtained to increase storage capacity for drinking water. 

Several volunteers visited and the first enquiries about long term volunteering were obtained. Bindarrabi members have continued to support and assist with the development of the project, including mowing a larger area of grass as a fire break for the camp.

October and November has been a time of spreading the word about Peace Valley with a trip around the Gold Coast down to Byron Bay and back through Lismore and Kyogle. The website was completed and uploaded but with more information to be added over time. Constant improvements are being made around the camp, the vegetable garden is growing and thriving with some soil improvements both in terms of missing minerals, acidity and strength. We began working on clearing and building a meditation seat at a naturally occurring rhylite rock spiral here at Bindarrabi. Over the last weeks the first longer term volunteers were here and lots of jobs were completed. Peace Valley is now up on the Workaway site as a means of connecting with travellers who may enjoy a visit to the bush. Also Instagram is now being used via #peacevalleyau. A time of reaching out and making connections and settling into the flow of life at Peace Valley.