I hope you’re having a great year and as we head slowly towards Christmas I wanted to post another update on happenings at Peace Valley.

First I’d like to thank Rebecca Humphries who tended the camp while I was overseas at both my youngest daughter’s wedding and a big international Climate Change conference at Findhorn in Scotland. 

While I was away I forged many new links and met some amazing people. A personal highlight was meeting Charles Eisenstein and getting his autograph on my copy of his latest book: Climate - A New Story! The message from the conference was both sobering and heart warming: we must act now, no more waiting or debating AND everything we need to create a beautiful abundant future is already here, it all just needs actioning! So that’s you and me doing our small bit not just hoping the politicians might change at some point. 

Since my return I’ve spoken in Boonah and been involved with Killarney Bushcare’s recent meeting, both discussing Climate Change and what we can do about it at a personal and local level. 

If you haven’t  already signed up as an Earth Protector please consider it, this is paving the way for an international law on Ecocide which will make harming the earth a crime: https://www.stopecocide.earth/

Peace Valley is now officially in the process of becoming an Ecosystem Restoration Camp so am looking forward to getting a steady flow of folk coming to visit, to relax from the hectic city pace of life and enjoy looking after the land here both in the gardens and the bush.

At Peace Valley since I’ve been back we’ve had a very successful event with around 30 attendees for ‘Bush Tucker and Weaving’. Aunty Marcia gave a great talk on the work currently happening with the Githabul Rangers and the group went for a walk to the twin pools enjoying diverse ecosystems on route. Those that joined us for the full weekend enjoyed a great campfire meal, with singing and chatting and the next day was filled with a great combination of deep sharing, meditation and weaving. It was over too quickly! We raised $300 for the Githabul Rangers, covered event costs and a months running costs for Peace Valley. A big thank you to everyone who was there and donated!

Coming up soon are two events just a month apart. Both are posted as Facebook Events but for those of you who don’t use Facebook you can find them in the Events section here, click on the main menu at the top of the page to see all events.