Much has happened over the past year. Peace Valley has grown and evolved as it became obvious that there is a need for reconnection to the land and to nature before people are able to actively choose ecosystem restoration work; to care for something one must first have a relationship with it. The focus of the project has shifted towards one of providing the space for people to heal and reconnect to the land and all of nature through mainly experiential learning. So it's now about INNER ecosystem restoration utilising hands on work in nature, also using the tools of Theory U and The Work That Reconnects. We are now doing regular events including 'Living in Community', 'Weaving Peace' and soon 'Bush Tucker, Weaving and Community’

A variety of visitors have enjoyed their stay at Peace Valley, among others, Chantal was here for nearly 3 months, Alex visited twice once for several weeks, then again for a few days with his parents! Many TreeSisters joined us for the first dedicated in person TreeSisters event over 3 days last spring. Our first joint Bindarrabi and Peace Valley event, Living in Community, was a very successful 7 day event earlier this year and will be repeated due to popular demand!

Joy has been involved in giving talks at Turnstyle Community Hub in Brisbane, attending yarning circles with indigenous elders; she also attended various events e.g. Green Heart Fair in Brisbane, Fields of Healing near Byron Bay and The Planting at Woodford. Other activities included attending the Bunya Festival at Maryvale and two indigenous burning workshops.

In November the camp was hit by a mini twister (we believe due to the way it happened) and needed to be completely rebuilt. This time it was re-erected with substantial footings, larger space and a better aspect. 

The camp garden is beginning to go 'wild' as some vegetable plants are now self seeding and the soil microbe content is rising as is the number of insects and native bees. From very humble beginnings a lush and abundant garden is emerging. Bio char, locally made compost and liquid manure from comfrey have added to the fertility of the beds and depth of soil. 

The TreeSisters Edible Native Forest spiral now has more trees including two Bunya Pines planted just below the main spiral. Most of these trees have done well with both the coldest winter and then the hottest driest summer on record although some didn't make it and have been replaced. Protection with hessian and a thick layer of mulch has helped.

Lastly Joy attended the Climate Change and Consciousness 2019 conference in Scotland at Easter, made great connections and will return to Australia and Peace Valley mid July. Currently the camp is being tended by a friend. It will be closed to visitors until August 1 2019.