Once again the land here created the perfect space for magic to happen. Thanks to everyone who attended the weekend, both day visitors and overnighters!

A special thanks goes to Aunty Marcia for bringing her own special magic, sharing her deep love of 'Country' and faith in the youth as well as her knowledge of the local flora, fauna and land management skills. We all shared stories, sang, wove, cooked, played and ate together, all ages and many different nationalities together in unity. This is the future being lived now!
For Aboriginal people, "country" does not just mean the creeks, rock outcrops, hills and waterholes. "Country includes all living things. It incorporates people, plants and animals. It embraces the seasons, stories and creation spirits. "country" is both a place of belonging and a way of believing.

Now am feeling tired but so content as the birds come in to roost, the kookaburras laugh at the sunset and the wallabies return to check out the space now the people have goneĀ :D